The Best Short Cuts For Curly Hair

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The bob cut is one of the most famous short cuts for curly hair there is, it’s been around for ages. The best thing about it is that it can be worn in different styles and still look amazing. The secret lies in finding one that is best suited to your face. For a long time people who had curly hair shied away from short cuts, till recently. The advantages of ringlets are numerous.

Short Haircuts for Curly Hair

Short Haircuts for curly Hair

Easy to Manage

If you have curls, you have a better chance of keeping them looking great if they are short. All it would take is regular shampooing, a little bit of mousse and some spray and you are ready to go. Long curls require a lot of maintenance compared to short curls. If you have been considering going short, this is one reason why you shouldn’t change your mind.

manage short curly hair

Easy to manage short curly hair

Its Cheap To Maintain

Another advantage of short cuts for curly hair is that the hair does not need a lot of product to be ready to hit the streets or even an event. All you need to do is make sure that you have it oiled. You are also able to go outdoors and undertake in different activities without having to worry about getting your hair to frizz up. People who have short curly hair spend less time in the beauty salon.

curly hair style

Short naturally curly hair style

Different Color

Unlike long curly hair which can only handle specific colors, you can put on any color dye for short hair. Imagine walking into an office with bright red curls that are tumbling all over your shoulders over walking in with red curls that are discreetly at the top of your head? The latter is less likely to elicit a lot of buzz. Short hair also makes an excellent choice for people who are always on the field.

Short curly hair styles

Short curly hair styles


Contrary to popular belief, short cuts for curly hair are numerous. You just need to be a bit creative with it! You can consider side swept styles like the one currently being rock by Scandal Star, Kerry Washington. Zendaya Coleman has also repeatedly been seen rocking curly bob curly styles weight the help of a little volume control and mousse.

Short curly hair

Shirt Curly Hair

Additional styling options

The best thing about short curly hair is that it rarely needs to get brushed. Unless it is seriously tangled, it makes a better option to leave it curly. For time when you have formal events, you can choose to straighten out your curl or hold them up with a barrette for a more sophisticated look.

Bottom line, rocking short cuts for curly hair should be a synch! You have very little excuse to be walking around with rollers on your hair. All you need to do is ensure that you have very good products for curly hair. You should also invest in a stylist once in a while so as to make sure you keep your curls looking good and shiny. Last but not least, get creative with it. No one ever came up with a good hairstyle by being shy. Go crazy and experiment with different styles. You never know, yours might next big thing

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