Try A Black Hair Color And Make Your Hairstyle Standout

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For as long as we can remember, women have always appreciated a black hair color. In fact, it is among the most used hair colors used by women from all walks of life. It is also well-suited for different skin complexion whether light, fair or tan. Dying the hair black can give you a mysterious yet sophisticated look. It will make you standout from other women. However, it requires a bit of research to find the ideal tone or shade. This will depend on personal taste, current trends, skin complexion and much more. In order to get it right first time, you may need to think of the following:

Black Hair Colour

Try a Black Hair Color

Using Highlights on the Black-Colored Hair

A Black color can be quite intense. Some women will prefer to leave it that way, while some would like to improve the styling. One of the most popular ways of enhancing the look is through use of highlights. These may be done at different points, intensity and also colors. The following are some good options when it comes to using highlights on black hair color:

  • Red Highlights: – This creates a fiery and sexy look. Red which is a vivid color will contrast the black. This is well suited for the woman who is looking to make a bold fashion statement.
  • Blonde Highlights: – This is probably the most common highlight used on hair that is dyed black. It is well-suited for the woman looking for the sassy yet fancy look. Popular shades include caramel and platinum blonde
  • Purple Highlights: – Purple which is the color of royalty will blend-in perfectly with the black hair. By creating harmony and not overwhelming the black, it creates a sophisticated and splendid look.
  • Multi-colored Highlights: – Blue, green, pink, orange, blonde, yellow, purple, red and any other color can also be used on the black hair. This creates a fancy and bold appearance that will certainly ensure you get noticed easily.
Black Hair Color

Managing a Black Hair Color

Maintaining Black Hair Color

To make certain the color remains elegant and lasts for a long time, it’s important to maintain it using the right procedure. Failure to do so may lead to the color running then you get fading. It may create uneven regions or spots. In addition, the hair may lose the glossy appeal. There are several ways of preserving your hair color. Each method will offer different results and will be suitable for different situations. You may opt to stick to one method or alternative between them. However, it’s necessary to make sure that the methods complement each other thus leading to better effect. The upkeep entails the following:

  • UV Protection: – One of the greatest enemies of hair colored black is ultra-violet (UV) rays. The rays from the sun will penetrate the hair hence making the color disintegrate. This will make the color fade. To avoid this, it’s recommended to use hair products that contain compounds that guard against UV.
  • Color Protection Shampoo: – There is a wide range of products in the market that are used to preserve the color of hair. The products are comprised of chemicals or ingredients which make the color stick to the hair. Some create a thin film for added protection.
  • Black Hair Conditioner: – Usually, hair that has been colored black will start to lose its dark or intense shade. This will be caused by the loss of hair due to weak or fragile hair follicles. Applying quality hair conditioner will minimize the loss of hair.
  • Shine Spray: – Black color is most elegant when it’s shiny. The sheen can be improved or made to last longer by simply spraying a sheen product which is extra healthy. Besides making it shiny, some products also moisturize the scalp.
Highlights with Black Hair color

Try Highlights with Black Hair Color

Coloring your hair black always seems like a simple process. This may be pegged on the fact that it is the most common color found in the market. Also, women have for many decades used it in varied situations. Nonetheless, achieving the perfect look can become a daunting task. Coming up with desirable and elegant black-colored hair is a matter of research and in some instances a bit of trial and error. Nonetheless, by following the above tips, you will find using black hair color convenient and also more appealing. For the best results, it’s always advisable to seek an extra pair of hands.

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